Something Big is Coming

Something Big is Coming

We have a big project coming up and we cannot wait to share the news… BUT not quite yet!

Stay tuned for details soon.  Being approached with this opportunity has made me reflect on how I am so very grateful to be an entrepreneur and female CEO / Franchisor that can partner with such amazing women for opportunities such as the one that we will be able to share with you in the coming weeks.

There are many people who say that they support other women and female business owners and then there are those who SHOW their support for other female entrepreneurs.  The journey of owning a business is hard, the hustle is real.  To have the ability to meet some of these smart and amazing women that I have the fortune work with is a part of what makes me push through the hard days and enjoy these moments of success.

I cannot wait to share this next thing with you and help to promote other women who are following their entrepreneurial dreams.   It’s clever.  It’s unique.  It’s motivating.  Details coming soon, I promise.

xo, Tara

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