Spring Classroom Craft Idea

Spring Classroom Craft Idea

A fun & inexpensive classroom project.


For my daughter’s Kindergarten class this week we made a simple, inexpensive & fun project this week that the kids really loved.

It was an easy craft to celebrate Spring and turned out to be so adorable.  It also took a bit of time to make, so finding a project that keeps kids busy for a longer amount of time is always a bonus!

We took felt shapes of bunnies, chicks & eggs and gave the kids embellishments to decorate their item of choice.  (A crafting tip:  To avoid a sticky mess use a paper plate, add some glue to the plate & give kids a cotton swab to use to add the glue to the felt)

To give their felt some personality, kids added pom poms, googley eyes and rhinestones to make them their own.Once finished, we glued the felt to popsicle sticks, which they decided to decorate, too!

I look forward to bringing you more crafts and ideas soon.  xo, Tara


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