Summer has Arrived!

Summer has Arrived!

We are in the full swing of summer – vacations are happening, camps have started and the fun has begun.  Now the question is how do you keep your kids BUSY without driving yourself crazy.

It takes a little planning to keep your little ones happy but we wanted to share a few tips to help you along the way.


Break up your days with the help of others.  Agree to a swap with a fellow parent to give one another some free hours to yourself.  Use those few hours to grab a quick manicure for yourself, sip a coffee outside in the sunshine or run a few errands without anyone slowing you down – whatever it is to give yourself a little peace.  Making sure that self-care is a priority will make each day go a bit smoother.

Another great way to have a playdate without the stress of hosting is to agree to a meet up with families at a 3rd party location  Is there a Primp & Play near you? 🙂 We love hosting morning play dates for families! If not, head to a local library together for story time find a park & have everyone bring a snack to have a fun picnic… anywhere that the kids can play together is going to be a fun way for them to spend some time.


Be sure that you are varying activities for the Summer fun.  Kids get bored doing the same thing over and over.  Trying some new day camps or drop in classes are a fun way to give kids something to do and to give yourself a break.  If you are working full-time be sure to confirm the hours and look for activities with after-care before you book if you need those extra few hours to be productive.


A birthday isn’t the only time that you have to throw a party.  Host a fun day with a theme… maybe a little lady tea party or a movie night with some yummy snacks and a cool art project and give everyone something special to look forward to doing in their schedule.

Contact us at Primp & Play for a pop up event, drop in art class, party ideas & more … we love to help families create meaningful experiences together.  HELLO@PRIMPANDPLAY.COM 

xo, Tara



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